ELTERN BLEIBEN – Bündnis von Müttern und Vätern – Väteraufbruch für Kinder Kreisverein Köln e.V.

Beratung für Eltern bei Problemen mit Sorgerecht, Umgangsrecht, Jugendamt

Erste Hilfe
Praktische Tipps für Eltern bei Trennung und Scheidung

2019 will be a dynamic year for the Council of Europe celebrating its 70th anniversary. We will see fun and games, but also continuous commitment to protecting human rights, the rule of law and democracy for all children in the 47 member States.

The present Family Calendar has been created to reflect joyful activities and ambitions, in sports and other areas. We hope that family members of all ages will enjoy putting down their activities and, thereby, joining us in celebrating children’s rights.

Family Calendar 2019 (bilingual English/French) : see the whole family's activities at a glance!