ELTERN BLEIBEN – Bündnis von Müttern und Vätern – Väteraufbruch für Kinder Kreisverein Köln e.V.

Beratung für Eltern bei Problemen mit Sorgerecht, Umgangsrecht, Jugendamt

With all the positive aspects of shared parenting, we need to get out of these archaic and draconian Family Court practices. This starts with awareness and debunking myths, so they are not further perpetuated among the Family Court culture.

Children need to develop healthy attachments to both their paternal and maternal side, and children do not have to be removed from extended family members because their parents chose to divorce. Shared parenting arrangements can actually reduce conflict among parents when the leverage to hurt the other is no longer there.

Finally, shared parenting arrangements drastically reduces litigation and keeps money in the parents’ pockets, so they can invest that money into their children, and not their attorney’s children.